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Chris Diamond

Country: Spain

Hair: Brunette

Height: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)

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Ask any girl—pornstar or civilian—and theyll agree that Chris Diamond is HOT by any standard. At 58" tall, this male talent specimen is in super high demand. Native to Spain, he has a cute accent whenever he tries to talk English. He has a way with women that make them fawn all over him—including hot <a href="">pornstars</a> who could get any guy in the world! Usually male pornstars dont get that popular. Theyre just seen as a stunt cock or a guy to fill in when a dick is needed, but Chris is a personality because he also does <a href="">stripping</a> and gogo dancing. He does club nights out and thats how he gets to know his fans in person. For his birthday he always has a big nightclub party and dances the night away with hot women. ><br> Hes pretty big in the cock which is why he has become so popular. He loves to play all different characters. While he only performs in straight porn movies, even <a href="">gay guys</a> can appreciate his hot sixpack and cut muscles that he must spend a lot of time working on at the gym. Hes a hot dude and he knows it. He has a few tattoos on his body showing that he likes a bit of spice and pain with his pleasure. Hes very good friends with Nacho Vidal and might even be considered his protégé. Nacho is well known for bringing burgeoning male performers into the porn industry and showing them the ropes.

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