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Kelly Trump

Aliases: Kelly Trumpf, Nicole Trippelschritt, Kelly Wild, Lovette, Nicola, Nicole, Nocole, Renate, Stephanie Hart

Country: Germany

Born: August 27, 1970

Eye: Green

Hair: Blonde

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Boobs: Fake

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1995: Erotic Festival of Brussels, "Best Actress"
1997: Erotic Festival of Brussels, "Best Actress"
1997: Venus Award, "Best German Actress"
1999: Venus Award, "Best German Actress"
2001: Venus Award, "Best German Actress"

My career

In 1994 I went with my girlfriend Daniela to a casting. At first we thought it would be a crime - but as it turned out, there should be a porn under the Caribbean sun. Since they gave us no time to rethink, we said to the same and 3 days later we flew already. It went for 4 weeks at the Caribbean, after about 3 weeks I had there my first scene. I was so nervous and I can not now remember all the details. But with Theo, I had at least an experienced performer at my side who helped me and also knew how we had to do, so that the camera can capture the scene well.

After the movie I got about 3 months on whether I want to go on - finally I decided. Had my first rotation was not so great, it would probably have been different. But in the 4 weeks I learned the Caribbean people and the process know, so I felt finally lifted me well.

What I can say today, was the sure you correct decision. As an exclusive star of German erotic lables Multi Media Verlag, I could really take off and turning my greatest hits.

In addition to my gorgeous job, I was also honored with several awards. In the years 1995 and 1997 I got to the erotic Festival Brussels the award for "Best Actress". 1997, 1999 and 2001, I was awarded the Venus Award for "Best German Actress", which is like the Oscar for porn performer.

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